College Rules

Student are Required -

  • To carry identiy and library cards to the college every day.
  • To maintain silence in the corridors, inside and outside the classroom.
  • To Attend all lectures, tutorials/ Practical and extra-curricular activities regularly.
  • To Keep mobile phones switched off during classes and otherwise in silent mode.
  • To switch off lights and fans before vacating the classroom.
  • To read the notice board every day.
  • To use library, during free time to avoid disturbing classes.
  • To desist from tearing of pages of library books.
  • To reach the college at 9:00 am sharp and attend assembly.
  • To observe self-discipline, cleanliness and punctuality.
  • Not to use unfair means during examination.
  • To be responsible for their personal belongings.
  • Morning Assembly is mandatory for all the students.
  • No short leave and half day leave will be allowed.
  • Students should not indulge themselves in any kind of dispute.
  • Must have 80% Attendance in theory and 100% Attendance in Practical/sessional work.
  • Students should come neatly and properly dressed daily.